For a Start…A Little About Granite

Granite are quite literally, as old as the earth, and is a perfect for use for residential and commercial flooring projects. Granite Slabs are ideal for fabricating in many way such as granite Kitchen and Vanity Tops, Flooring, Stone Sculptures, retaining walls and landscaping purposes.

Tell me more about Granite! What does it make of?

Granite, also classified under the tree of Natural Stone, is a creation of nature. Like so many natural formations, every piece is Unique and Matchless. Within each piece of stone also lies the history of one particular place of our planet. Today’s limestone floor for instance, was once a mass of tiny sea creatures, then an ancient seabed, and after millions of years of uplift, a mountainside where the limestone was discovered in our day.

Granite is an igneous rock, which means it was once molten and formed as it cooled deep within the earth. Minerals within granite typically appear as small flecks throughout the stone, once creating a “salt and peppery” look. The chemical property of Granite generally consists of Silica (over 72%) and alumina (over 14%), which give its ultimate hardness strength and crystallised-like property. Other types have veining similar to marble. Granite is a dense-grained, hard stone. It can be highly polished or finished in a variety of other ways. A broad spectrum of colour is also available. Granites are quarried from all parts of world: the mountains of Italy, the U.S., India, Brazil, China and dozens of other countries; and is one of the most popular natural stones in the market.

Natural stone (including granite) was cut out from a mountainside originally in huge 50,000 pound blocks of stone. The blocks were then sliced into slabs which were then refined to give its natural colours a mirror like depth, smooth soft surface or left slightly rough to enhance its rich natural texture.

The lustre, hardness, colours and variation are all indications of the stone’s mineral composition and origin. This unique blend of characteristics is what makes your natural stone a one-of-a-kind, beautiful yet practical surface for your home.

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There are so many beautiful granites to talk about. Granite Stones can be used in various ways- such as flooring (exterior like you in see MRT flooring and residential uses for your house), kitchen and vanity countertops, stone monuments such as stone sculptures, exterior landscaping and fountains to name a few, natural stone basin and many more.

In my later series, I hope to cover some of the most commonly used granites in various forms for areas in our residential home and commercial buildings. Stay Tuned!

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