Why Choose San Teck International?

Why do you choose San Teck International?

San Teck International offers quality goods and services to customers. As a direct importer of Stones (Granite, Marble etc), Ceramics and Mosaics, Stone Monuments (Stone Sculptures, Fountains, Pillars, Tombstone, Table and Benches), Sanitary Ware and LED, we are able to save on expensive warehousing and rental costs, giving an edge over local stockist, which are facing higher and higher cost in Singapore as property and rental prices rise.  This in turn generates savings to our customers, at no quality loss.


How do we ensure Quality Excellence to Customer?

We do not operate alone. We have a sister company in Xiamen, China, Five Brothers Stone Co, Ltd, who manages our quality control and checks. Our China office has been operating since 1996, serving clients from around the world. With a wealth of experiences of over 20 years in stone and manufacturing, we are able to serve and recommend clients of the requirements.


How do we ensure Price Competitiveness?

We get your products directly from the manufacturers. Besides owning 4 factories (via Five Brothers Stone Co, Ltd) in China which manufacture, process and cut granites of different natures, we have leads to over 100 factories to cater for specific stone type requirements. How do we able to get such high leads? This is because of the years of experience we have in the stone industry. We know who the right people are in the right industry to give us the best quote at no quality loss.


How long do I need to wait for my goods?

We believe in giving the best to our customers.  As there are different needs arising from different homeowner and projects requirements, there is a need to give the latest and newest stone information to customers. As it is not possible to hold every different stock of different natures and finishes which drives our storage cost (then in turn drive our pricing to customers), we adopted the sample viewing process where customers will base on the physical sample to determine the stone quality. Usually this process will take about 1 week and delivery of actual goods will range from 25 days onward. For big decision making, planning is highly recommended as it gives clients informed decision and ample time ahead to decide on the best product available.


How do we meet your requirements?

San Teck International caters to Individual Retail Customer needs and request and Developer and Contractor’s Project requirements, as we have a team of people to work on the complicated drawings and attachments. For customised solution such as irregular shapes and sculptures, our masters in China will check on the feasibility and advise accordingly. Since our factories are in China, where skilled labour and handicraft masters, technologies and cutting machines are available, we are able to cater to customers’ unique requirements.


How do we get the goods?

We deliver to your place! We have a few options of quoting –

–          Door to Door Services– We will calculate all the freight and port charges, insurance charges and transportation fees to reach your specified premise. This will significantly reduce warehousing fees and translate savings. There will be additional savings as we will combine the goods of other customers together and spread the freight costs altogether. Remember how a spree works? This is similar but on a bigger scale! All these translate to lower selling price at no quality loss. Leave all the calculations to us!

–          Free on board (FOB) pricing– This is the price we quote for delivery at the departure port. For example, FOB price for an X good is S$5000, this means that you may want to combine with other goods to send down to a designated location. You would then need to liaise with a freight forwarder to work out the shipping and transportation costs to reach your specified destination.

Above are the 2 main ones which clients usually ask and enquire. There are other options (such as EXW, CIF, DNB etc) but I think it is better not to confuse further!


Give us a chance to serve you! We are confident to give you the best price and deal at no quality loss.


San Teck International

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