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Know about Edge Finishes

In general, corners and edges that tilers come across in the work place can be finished with a metal or plastic profile, however on stone this isn’t always the best finish. Natural stone does not combine well with manmade materials and profiles are not made to accommodate stone tile thickness are just a couple of reasons why edges and corners may need some extra skills.


Where can I find an Edge Finish?

Generally, most of us are unaware that such edges finishes are crafted and polished delicately to match on most flat surfaces such as Kitchen countertop, Pavement sides, Reception counter, Table tops etc.

Different edge profiles require different amounts of time for cutting, shaping, and polishing. Hence the more ornate the edge, the more finishing time required is required, and this also translate into higher cost. However the cost of edge finishes is a fraction of the whole raw material cost, most importantly it needs to fit the owner’s requirement.

Examples of Edge Finish ( a full list can at be found at the end of this pos*)

Bullnose, Bevel, Eased, Ogee are some types of edge finishes. Hold on, what are these awkward words again? These edges terminologies are usually foreign to homeowners who just want to make sure that the finished product is pleasant to the eyes, matching to the whole settings and to some with toddlers, safe corners in mind. Well, a picture depicts a thousand words-



You may find this familiar whenever you are queuing up to pay for the bills at a restaurant reception countertop; or have a peek at your kitchen countertop, it is usually of such edge finish.





¼ Bevel

Commonly used in Contemporary settings for young couples, these are seen in bar/beverage table tops.






Pencil Round

A typical table top edge finish- eludes a hint of smoothness compared to cold “pencil” edge finish.






½ Bevel

Commonly used in corners of kitchen countertop- a touch of classical style seen in earlier times…but beware of toddlers and kids running and hopping these areas as these are slightly sharp edges that could hurt them.






Full Bullnose

The most common of all Edge finishes- this type is used mostly in table tops and kitchen countertops by homeowners with kids- the round edges prevent quite a few bumping and poking accidents from happening!





¼ Round, Top and Bottom

This is a Simple and Elegant way of shaping any the edges of a stone.







¼ Bevel, Top and Bottom

A slight chisel off at the top and bottom gives a simple table top an elevated feel of sophistication.







½ Bullnose

Another typical and friendly edge finish for almost all types of table and kitchen countertops.







Ogee edge finishes are seen usually in classical and archetypal setting and restaurants. It makes the dinner table enlarged and elevated.








Rough corner- typically observed in parks and gardens as part of stone table tops and bench tops; these edges can withstand rough weathers and handling.







As the name implies, this edge are also used as kitchen countertop and if the playdoh needs additional waterfall shapes, you can use them!







These edges are seen in common Asian homes for putting as part of altar tops and shoe cupboard.






Importance of Edge Finishes

Edge selection should not be taken lightly as it affects the following areas

Overall Feel/ Design

There are many ways to “finish” an edge. Ranging from simple, yet contemporary and popular like ¼ Round, ¼ Bevel, Half Bullnose, Ogee, through fancy and elegant like Dupont, Cove, Flat Ogee, Ogee Bull, and finally elaborate and sophisticated like Waterfall, Cove Dupont, Cove Ogee, and Platner, to name just a few of them.

Do you want your settings to be contemporary and modern? Or you prefer classical and medieval touch. These edges, though not significantly considered compared to other major decisions such as tiles/stones selection and surface finishes, edge finishes do subtly add on to the overall feel of the whole setting.


Unknowingly, kids and toddles fall down thousands of time during their short span of growing up phase. And most happen in the house while they walk, run, hop and jump, to name a few actions. To create a home safe for them and yet fit the setting that parents want, there are certain edge finishes which render both. Parents do need to consider getting a safer option-round edges such as  bullnoses are usually the common options. Better be safe than sorry.


Last words…

Each edge offers its unique look and feel and hence should be carefully selected for your application. For any enquiries, you can drop us a note at Enquiries– we are glad to share as a direct importer of natural stone for kitchen countertops.


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Full List of Edges





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