Granite Surface Treatment Process: Flamed Method

Having seen the polished method for granite surface treatment, this is yet another video on the flamed method. Commonly used in commercial and outdoor pavement, flamed surface granite is sought after for its anit-slip properties and uniform texture and colour tonation.

Flamed surface granite is often seen in public areas such as MRTs and civil buildings, as well as in shopping malls, interior and exterior. This complement fully with polished granite tiles, as the rough surfaces allows pestrians to walk with a peace of mind if there is excessive slippery surfaces due to wet conditions. Flamed surface granites are also seen in staircases, landscaping stone and stone sculptures, as they can withstand changing weather conditions and some still gives a rustic, natural feel.


I took a video on the flaming process during one of the factory visits. You can view it in you tube at the link Granite Stone Surface Treatment Process: Flamed Method

Flamed methods requires primiarly labour intensive hours and consistent level of flaming skills and techniques. In order to operate in an efficient manner, there needs to ample space and labour to carry these works. Depending on customers’ requirement, the surface treatment masters will scorch the surface 1 or 2 times, to achieve the required roughness. At times, there could be other requirements such as Brushed and Flamed finishes- this means that the masters will need to use metal brush or machine equivalent to apply on the surface after it has been flamed, and vice versa.

Taken into consideration of the high labour cost and land/rental cost in Singapore, San Teck International’s orders are made directly in our factories in Fujian China, and shipped over to various parts of the world. This reduces significant costs to our customers which translate to more savings, and also with our factories capability, we are able to deliver to customers with the shortest lead time at no quality loss.

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