Granite Surface Treatment Process: Polished Method

Ever fascinated by the shiny pavements that you walk/step on everyday- in shopping malls, in the subways/MRT? Wonder what are these made of? These commercial or common areas are mostly laid with natural stone such as Granite or Marble, as well as Engineered Material such as Quartz or Minicrsytal Stone. For in instance, the tiles used on MRT are made of granite as there are certain guidelines to follow such as anti- slip properties (this can be achieved using rough surfaces- which you can see the process in the next blog), and also to have uniform aesthetic look by having the same material with different surface treatments such as polished surface.

Granite Polished Surface in Raffles Place MRT


Changi T2 Granite Polished Flooring


Granite Polished Surface in Underground MRT

In this section, find out more about how polish surface is being made in one of our factories by clicking on the Youtube video. (Granite Surface Treatment Process: Polish Surface).  This short video is an abstract/overview of some of the stages captured during the polish treatment process.

The whole process requires huge machineries, intensive labour resources, and also ample workspace to work in. Taken into consideration of the high labour cost and land/rental cost in Singapore, San Teck International’s orders are made directly in our factories in Fujian China, and shipped over to various parts of the world. This reduces significant costs to our customers which translate to more savings, and also with our factories capability, we are able to deliver to customers with the shortest lead time at no quality loss.

For more enquries about stone surfaces, you send us your Enquiries here and we are most willing to share!


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