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Life at home revolves around surfaces and panels — the point where you have the most contact with. That is most obvious in the kitchen where the tops are the battlefields. It is where homeowners can cook up a storm, whip up a feast for 20 unexpected guests or prepare a simple snack. Plenty of opportunities for scratches, spills and heat to assault your kitchen tops. Besides the obvious reason of providing the visual impact, the quality of your counter tops often determines when you have to brace yourself up for another renovation. At the expense of your money, time and not to mention inconveniences incurred.

Thus choosing a good surface top is of utmost importance. Compare to twenty years ago, choosing a countertop was not at all difficult. You chose from less than twenty variations on colour of plastic laminate. It was simple. Today, there is a wide range of kitchen tops to choose from: granite, marble, laminate, solid surface material, tiles, silestone and even stainless steel. . Countertops are no longer merely a work surface, but a key element in the design and luxury of your home. Around the world, manufacturers now offer numerous different styles, colour schemes, and materials to match any desire of the consumer. So how do they compare in terms of durability, texture, visual beauty, flexibility and of course, pricing? There are no clear-cut ways of ascertaining how good a material is for kitchen tops as it involves many other factors such as the workmanship and installation skills of the contractors. In each of the category of materials, the quality differs largely and can be quite difficult to give a generalization. Here, designers are sought to give their objective comments and preferences.

The kitchen is the focal point of any home. Now you have the means to construct the perfect look. When limited to only a few choices, making a decision was quite easy. When choosing from possibly hundreds of styles, you may become overwhelmed. You may discover the decision to be quite difficult. In this case, here is a descriptive list of products to aid in your decisions toward a perfect kitchen.

Choosing your Kitchen Countertop

Style, Practicality and Pricing are the top three considerations when choosing your countertop.

Themes and Style

Designers and dealers get together yearly to discuss upcoming trends and exciting new ideas in home decorating. New and extravagant ideas have arisen in the kitchen. High tech laminates, stainless steel, and the mixing of all of the above materials for an artistic and personal design are among the many new ideas.

To name a few changes in the kitchen world- Integrated drain boards and hydraulic lifts that let you access variations in height are helping designed countertops to be as functional and practical as ever. Also, “Surface energy” is the combination of several countertops and a variety of styles and materials. Surface energy has prevented high functionality in the past, but today design pros are embracing new ways to cope. Grab local magazines such as Lookbox, Squarerooms to give you ideas on latest kitchen and countertops trends.


Beauty is in the eyes of beholders- different homeowners may want to use extravagant and exotic materials such as travertine, onyx, marble etc to use for their kitchen tops. This however requires constant and heavy maintenance, thus being on a realistic side, there is a need to weight the scale on practicality and aesthetics.


In the local context, cost of renovation for resale flat starts from S$25,000 onwards and the kitchen portion accounts usually easily 25% to 40% of the whole renovation cost. Depending on the material used, the associated installation cost will also increase respectively. For instance, a solid surface could range from S$80 to S$120 per foot run, while a granite surface could be from S$150 per foot run, while quartz range from S$100 onwards. The above pricing is an indicative range which includes supply and installation for various types of materials used for kitchen countertop, depending on the material that is used. Hence it is good to have renovation plan which outlines the amount to be allocated for different areas of the house.

In my next article I will outline the few kitchen countertop materials used today’s context.


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