San Teck International marks its First Commercial Project in Singapore

San Teck International has successfully completed its first commercial project in Singapore on August 2012. Incoporated in September 2011, San Teck International is priviledged and honoured in the involvement for the the supply of Granite fences, pillars and staircase tiles to Kong Hock Keng Temple, a 50 year old temple at Telok Blangah Drive Singapore.

The work involves the supply of Green Granite fences and pillars, which requires all to be hand-engraved. A total length of more than 70m of delicate hand crafting on both surfaces, coupled with customized length range from 1.4 m to 2.1m, increase the complexity and difficulty of the work. Moreover, unlike other common granite stones which yield more than 90% success rate, green granite is limited in supply as the attrition rate (wastage) amount to 50% in stone mining- hence making this stone precious and highly sought after in sculpture making, especially in temples. Each fence and pillar is carefully measured, engraved and of the highest quality assured.

The engraving comes in all forms- from floral to birds and plants, symbolizes the serene, tranquility and peace of nature. Together with engrave-through dragon patterns at the frontal side of the temple, gives Kong Hock Keng a majestic and grand aura around the vicinity. Each fence is carefully handicraft by engraving masters in Xiamen, China, famously known for stone trading and industry.

San Teck International is privileged to contribute the granite staircases and signage board as a token of gratification and goodwill to the temple, as we believe in giving back to the community.

For enquiries on this project and other project credentials, please visit our website at or drop us a mail at


San Teck International

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