Marble Samples Available

Wondering how the actual marble looks and feel like? San Teck International currently has a collection of marble samples for homebuyers, contractor and renovators to choose from. The origins of these samples come from different part of the world- China, Italy, and other european countries. These samples come in small size of 7×5 cm which facilitates easy carry and we also provide sample boards for presentation and comparison.

Marble are commonly used as floor tiles in residential and commercial areas, wall tiles and vanity tops. Marble surfaces are usually polished to retain and exhibit her luxurious and natural feel.

These are samples that we currently hold. Scroll over them and you can find the name of the marble.

Once you have chosen the material, we will order them from our factory and direct import to a temporary warehouse for dry laying and viewing. In this way, we save of all storage and rental charges and translate the savings to you. Better Price without Quality Loss. When customers are happy, we are happy too.

Why wait, if you need these samples, simple click Contact Us and we will arrange for delivery. If you have other granites in mind- do let us know and we can cater for express courier of the sampels for your viewing.


San Teck International

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