Common type of Granite Countertops

In the market, there are numerous types of countertops used in residential units. Marble, Solid Surface, Quartz, Granite and ceramics are the common ones used for kitchen as well as vanity countertops.

Today’s topic dived deeper into the common types of granites used for such countertops.

As explained in my previous articles, Granite is a timeless countertop surface, It has been used for surface applications since the beginning of time. Not only does the product stand the test of time, granite slabs greatly increase the value of your home. Second to Marble and premier Quartz, Granite belongs to the costlier spectrum of all countertop types.

Here are some of common granite countertop available in the market.

From China

Rustic Gold Granite Countertop Sapphire Brown Granite Kitchen Countertop

Peacock Green Kitchen Countertop Leo Yellow Granite Kitchen Countertop

Leo White Granite Kitchen Countertop Shanxi Black Granite Kitchen Countertop

(From Left 1st Row: Shanxi Black (with and without golden spots), Rustic Gold, Peacock Green , Leo Yellow, Leo White, G654)

From India

Black Galaxy White Granite Kitchen Countertop Sapphire Brown Granite Kitchen Countertop

(From Left 1st Row: Black Galaxy, Sapphire Brown)

From Finland and England

Tan Brown Granite Kitchen Countertop Baltic Brown Granite Kitchen Countertop

(From Left 1st Row: Baltic Brown, Tan Brown)

From Norway

Blue Pearl Granite Kitchen Countertop Emerald Pearl Granite Kitchen Countertop

(From Left 1st Row: Blue Pearl, Emerald Pearl)

From Brazil

Giallo Fiorito Granite Kitchen Countertop Giallo Veneziano Granite Kitchen Countertop

Santa Cecilia Granite Kitchen Countertop Butterfly Green Granite Kitchen Countertop

Verde Uba Tuba Granite Kitchen Countertop

(From Left 1st Row: Giallo Fiorito, Giallo Veneziano, Santa Cecilia, Butterfly Green, Verde Uba Tuba)

Fancy having a granite countertop? At San Teck international, we have samples of these stones for you to refer to. We provide custom made countertop for your new home and renovation needs. To save storage/ warehousing costs and high labour costs, we specialize in direct import of goods from our factories; these savings will translate to lower price to you.

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