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Catch Urbane Basin in Bathroom + Kitchen Today Edition Q3 2013!  Urbane Basin is privileged to be in the limelight features in this quarterly magazine. Bathroom + Kitchen Today (BKT) is a leading, regional high-end trade magazine in Asia featuring luxurious bathrooms, kitchens and surfaces from around the world. Published in Singapore, the quarterly magazine reaches out to a progressive, diverse and dynamic global audience of more than 31,000 print and digital readers.

Bathroom + Kitchen Today (Q3 2013)              Urbane Basin


Urbane Basin- Editorial Writeup


Urbane Basin is the only Natural Stone Basin Provider in Singapore that gives Homebuyers and Interior Designers an expansive range of natural stone basin selections, with the ease to purchase and order in small quantity at exceptional pricing. We also provide Customization of your choice shapes and dimensions to perfectly match and fit your bathroom themes.


Urbane Basin logo

Launched recently under the arm of San Teck International, Urbane Basin(s) are carved using 100% solid natural stone from different parts of the world. Urbane basin has a range of natural stone basins, in different colours and contours, to compliment your bathroom theme, from our stone type ranging from Granite, Marble, Sandstone, Pebblestone and Mosaics, together with a variety of different sizes, just to suit your ideal bathroom. Stone Basins are one of its kind- the natural feel and vivid and true colour of the stone that clearly distinct from other types of basins. With stone basins, you are akin to living in top stars hotels which place great emphasis in lavish bathroom setting that eludes coziness and relaxation. Designed and created with emphasis in superior quality, Urbane Basin’s beautifully handcrafted wash basin is synonymous with luxury, and renowned for its natural, organic feel and individual sculptural lines. With this specialty, each stone is unique in its way with no identical match. Bathroom will never be the same.

Our themes series are Zen, Modern, Elegance, Nature and Eclectic


Urbane Basin- Zen

A Zen bathroom promotes tranquillity and calm breath when one enters. Due to the highly stressful lives that many live in, a Zen bathroom provides just the type of atmosphere one needs at the end of a busy and hectic day, in the most intimate reflections. Zen reveals a space for wellness and relaxation. Stone basin with a single toned colour coupled with subtle lighting creates a Zen ambience which hovers in calm and comfort


Urbane Basin- Modern

Contemporary or Modern Living exhibits various forms of designs- from vibrant cosmopolitan which eludes bright colours to the opposite spectrum of minimalism that accentuates simplicity. With the clever use of colours and simplified accessories, modern and minimalist atmospheres are created: Harmony, Simplicity and Functionality.


Urbane Basin- Elegance

Elegance Series eludes the full representation of Stone Basins. With the intricate use of premier natural stone, these basins harmonize with the lavish display of bathroom. Often seen in hotel and luxurious living, they set unprecedented level of sophistication style with comfort and exclusivity, in the simplest form.


Urbane Basin- Nature

The natural wood-like and earth veins settings bring one back to the nature- akin to living in an organic rainforest or tropical environment. Nature Earth Series focus on simple setup, which accentuates the fine exhibition of stones’ natural waves and veins.


Urbane Basin- Eclectic

Eclectic style exhibits one’s perception of beauty. Customized basins complement the overall theme that one envisages. Niche stone types ranging from Pebblestone, Mosaics, Travertine, together with choice shapes, play a pivotal role in matching the full bathroom theme

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For enquiries about Natural Stone basin, please drop us a mail here- kim@urbanebasin.com or call us at 92291636. We are 24/7!



Urbane Basin | San Teck International

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