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Our company is setup with the philosophy of Virtue (美德), Moral (品德), and Ethics (道德). These are 3 Golden (金言) pillars in how we treat our customers and our businesses. With these guiding Principles, our Company Name (鑫德) is formed.

San Teck International is a sister company with familial relationship with Five Brothers Stone Co. Ltd (厦门五庆石业有限公司), an established stone manufacturer and supplier based in Xiamen, China. Our Sino-Singapore relations date back to the 20th century, where bilateral ties have been forged and sustained with good spirit. A sense of community is what we believe in, and so San Teck International seeks to be the extension of this ongoing Sino-Singaporean chain, to honor the efforts of our Chinese forefathers who have persevered through tumultuous times, to build their empire in the building and construction industry. With the launching of both companies, we are confident that this dynamic collaboration will open new doors for us, to provide our customers with far-sighted solutions, good business prospects, and most importantly, a sense of kinship and community.

We have two factories in Southern China, in Huian (1996) and Nanan (2006). These two factories are situated near to Xiamen, Fujian, which is best known for stone trading. In order to keep abreast with the changing trends in different markets in the region, we constantly update ourselves with the latest Quality Standard requirement and serve our customers with utmost sincerity and respect. We handle every project professionally, with the highest quality standard in the production process- selection of raw materials, production and packaging for container shipment.

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