Urbane Basin- Arrival of New Stone Basins (Singapore)


Urbane Basin has brought in new natural stone basins to Singapore! We have categorised the basins under the following themes:



Engraved Mongolia Black Stone Basin

Engraved Mongolia Black Stone Basin

Fancy a piece of artwork in your bathroom, on your vanity top? This handcrafted Granite basin engraves dragon symbol around the circumference of the Mongolian stone basin, to give a nostalgic oriental feel, akin to having a treasured antique. This basin can be used in a Zen themed or Oriental design, where rich heritage can be felt.


Woven Mongolia Black Basin

Iight Imperial Jade Stone Basin

This Woven Mongolia Stone basin reveals a little of an ancient Egyptian work. Woven by lines of circles on the exterior and honed finished on the inside, this artwork will delight many owners who want to add a different touch to existing bathrooms.



Basalt Bluestone Basin

Basalt Stone Basin

Simple. Clean and Monochrome. This basalt stone basin matches to a modern world settings where minimalism and simplicity is emphasized. Basalt stone (also commonly known as bluestone) is a volcanic stone that has been used in architecture for centuries.


Light Imperial Jade Marble Stone Basin

Iight Imperial Jade Stone Basin

Fancy a basin that exhibits a stint of wildness? This stone basin has natural gold veins nested across the surfaces, depicting to a picture similar to a web. Expressive and explosive, this is what the basin is eluding!



What if you want something that is not under our gallery? Beside our Urbane Basin under the various themed series, we offer customization, made-to-measure stone basins to match exactly your ideal bathroom settings. These can range from eclectic shapes and dimensions, to vibrant natural colours, just to suit your bathroom theme. Time to have a uniquely Bathroom of your own!


Urbane Basin is the only Natural Stone Basin Provider in Singapore that gives Homebuyers and Interior Designers an expansive range of natural stone basin selections, with the ease to purchase and order in small quantity at exceptional pricing. Call us to visit our Showroom where we display over 25 different natural stone basins.

For more product information, do visit our gallery at www.urbanebasin.com/gallery

If you have enquiry, drop us a mail by clicking HERE!



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