Nigel Peake- Architect and Artist

He is an Architect and Artist. Born in 1981 at Northern Ireland, UK.
He creates works that represents familiar landscapes and urban architecture through his own unique perspective in a style that is simple yet still contains a sense of reality.
Currently based in Paris and Northern Ireland, he works with companies and galleries around the world on wide range of projects.

DEE exhibition , Muji @ Plaza Singapura



Life is an Art

A chair that you sit on everyday, an arrangement of seasonal flowers, your favourite books… A space can leave a lasting impression, not just the furniture but the coherence of all things contained within it. At IDEE, we believe that creating a comfortable space with a great sense of harmony is the quickest path to achieving a rich and fulfilling lifestyle.

One of the ways to make this possible is through art, which adds colour, sophistication, surprise, and joy to life. The mysterious appeal infused in the art by its creator adds richness to the time spent in the space.

At IDEE, we see art not as something special, but rather as a familiar element for enlivening everyday spaces. As such, we offer art that works well with interior decoration.

When IDEE discovered Nigel Peake’s book of drawings, they felt a refreshing sense of surprise and attraction to the unique worldview unfolding within it. Peake’s colourful and intricate images depict familiar scenes and urban architecture that offer the viewer new perspectives. It shows playful element of fantasy, as if it show us a world that we are not seeing.



“I like building facades because they are as expressive as faces, It’s true of lithographs (publication; something impressed ), too. The little surprises that come with overlapping and slipping enriches their expressions. That’s what makes it fun.”

Whatever the subject is, it’s his signature that is acutely present in every creation – the hand drawn, slightly wobbly line that he says is not a knowing style, more a case of “I really draw how I draw.


“It’s an image of when i biked through a plain on my bicycle trip from Edinburgh, UK to Budapest, Hungary”



“A view( of an apartment block) that i saw from my friend’s home in Paris that i had rented for a long time. It’s based on a piece that i gave to that friend in place of paying rent ”


Nigel Peake x Hermes

“A Walk In The City” wall panel; $1,302.


For their latest collection of tableware, Hermès looked to the art world and teamed up with Nigel Peake, known for his geometric sketches and use of vibrant color. The result is a whimsical array of porcelain pieces, ranging from plates to bowls to teapots. The collection, aptly named “A Walk in the Garden”celebrates the magic of springtime and all the colors that come with it. Nigel Peake’s freehand designs, with his use of repeating floral motifs, are equal parts quaint and modern.




Max Teng

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